Random Team Challenge //Randomized Team Derby


Map Lineup

The maps used for the event will be published four days before tournament start. The announcement won’t necessarily reflect the exact sequence in which the maps will be played during the event, but the tournament mode doesn’t require the maps to be played in a certain order anyway.

Once the lineup is published the chosen maps won’t change until the tournament, so the teams can conduct their training without disruptions and prepare their match plan or player setup accordingly. An exception to this rule may be made if a map is revealed to be cuttable or other major reasons prevent their usage in the tournament. We’ll have a few maps ready as a backup in such cases and will announce the replacement as soon as possible on all available channels.


During the event both teams are allowed to use a few jokers for their advantage. Each joker has some limitations regarding the timing of it’s activation. Details on each of the jokers, their activation timing and their effects can be found in the following section.

PlayerExchangeduring Warmup 2The enemy team exchanges an active player on the current map with an inactive one. The team triggering the joker determines both the replaced player and the replacing player.
Skipvoteduring any runA server admin skips the current run (via //endround command). The skipped run won’t affect the current score.
Useful when your team is hopelessly behind or already on the verge of defeat in a decisive run.
All-Induring Warmups 1 or 2Increases the amount of championship points obtained for winning the current map by one.
Description of the three different jokers and when to use them